DisneyWorld 2018


The Wood family embarked on our 5th Disney trip since having kids. I know. . . a little excessive, but the kids LOVE this place (and so do we). Why not one more before baby #4 arrives?

It was great. Both the girls met new height requirement goals, and they were riding nonstop with dad. While Baby Arthur and mom enjoyed the less crazy rides and lots of shows (which he loved). His favorite show was "Finding Nemo" in Animal Kingdom.That is a great one for small kids. 

So we did our usual and had our Disney planner map out reservations, dining, etc. HOWEVER, for the first time, we hired a guide. So, I was a big hard NO on this idea. But dad was persistent and eventually had me talked into this with a lot of skepticism. I mean, why did we need a guide? We had fast passes and meals already lined up. What more could he do?

Well. . . truth is.. . . he did EVERYTHING. It was spring break. So Disney was packed. Like more than usual packed. Wait times on all rides were 2+ hours. He literally had us walking off rides and on to the next within 5 minutes. He pushed my stroller (avoiding the stroller parking chaos), ordered our food from his phone, picked up the food while we rode, rode rides with the girls (think sitting 2 by 2 and mom can't ride . . . so one child wasn't left sitting with a stranger), went and grabbed autograph books for me that I forgot, went and purchased pin for said autograph books that I also forgot, and was just really a miracle worker when it came to constantly updating our fast passes. Yes, the Disney app for maneuvering the park is helpful, but imagine someone who knows the app so much better, can manipulate it a lot faster than you can, knows which rides to grab at which times, and you enjoying your vacation with your family instead of constantly looking down at your phone hoping to grab an open fast pass. When I looked for FP on my phone, most of them showed booked for the day, but he knew just how to navigate the system to grab them at the right times. I'm not sure how he kept us riding constantly, but it was worth every cent. 

We ran into some friends around lunch. With lines as long as they were, they had been on 2 rides in a matter of 3 hours. We had been on close to around 10 at that point. That's correct. 10 rides by lunch in DisneyWorld during spring break. THAT'S AMAZING! And if you have never done Disney, trust me. . . that is almost unheard of.

Anyways, if you are headed to Disney soon, give them a call: 
Create A Dream Travel & Tour Company
(941) 219-3331
Terry Daniels <terry.daniels@cadmgmt.com>

Harvin is 2 and Anne Elise is 4!


Happy Birthday to my sweet girls! I can't believe we are celebrating 4 and 2. This morning we set out to do our annual birthday pictures. I just wanted to share my favorites on the blog.

After we finished up, I let the girls go into the Livingston Sweet Shoppe down from our house and browse the candy selection. We all left with some big bowls of nice, cold ice cream. Don't worry, I took the white dresses off before we indulged.